Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri - 28 March
Right now, there are 3 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Lincoln County and 32 in St. Charles County. The numbers are growing every day. We need to demand that Governor Parson implements better public health policies to protect Missourians. Missouri needs:

✅ a statewide shelter-in-place order to flatten the curve
✅ resources to support rural health departments to provide care for our rural residents so they don’t have to travel to cities
✅ expanded Medicaid so our residents can afford care

Call Governor Parson and demand he act now at (573) 751 - 3222.

St. Charles County COVID-19 response: https://www.sccmo.org/2105/COVID-19

Lincoln County COVID-19 response: https://lchdmo.org/covid19-testing

Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri - 30 March
I never had WiFi growing up, but homework requiring the internet could easily be completed at school. That’s not the case anymore, especially with the current school closings. We need to expand internet access in all across the United States, but I’ll start with Missouri.

I’m spending some of my work-from-home time at my mom’s house so she can help with my daughter and I can help with my grandma. She doesn’t have WiFi, but I figured I could just use the hotspot on my work phone. Here’s how today went:

➡️ I was a minute or two late for my morning meeting because I couldn’t get my laptop to connect to my iPhone. I ended up using the app on my iPhone instead. Annoying, but overall it was fine, just a smaller screen.

➡️ The real problem was when I started making calls. Cell service isn’t the best out here. When I started calling clients, the program I use started cutting out and moving slow. I had to take notes the old fashion way and then fill out the program notes after the call ended.

➡️ Throughout the day, my iPhone would randomly disconnect from my laptop and I’d have to reopen all my programs. At the end of the day, it just froze while I was typing a Word document. It was 4:52pm. I have to turn in all of my work at the end of the day and I can’t work past 5pm.

I only have a few days to deal with this until I’m back in the city and have WiFi. My little sister who’s a junior in high school, has to deal with it for the rest of her semester. While schools are closed because of COVID-19, students have moved to online learning. It’s a great option—for students who have access to WiFi. My mom doesn’t have WiFi because she CAN’T get WiFi. The cables aren’t close enough to her house and there’s too many trees for it to connect. Many rural students struggle to complete online work because they have no access to the internet. I can’t imagine how students in my district and beyond are completing their work.

We need to make high speed, broadband internet available to all residents of Missouri so that everyone, every child, has equal access to education, opportunity and success.

Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri - 29 March
We need to supply rural health departments and hospitals with resources so that rural residents don’t need to travel to cities, open rural hospitals and support existing ones, and expand Medicaid to allow thousands of people to access healthcare and assist in funding these services. After the COVID-19 pandemic ends, it’s imperative that we continue to support these hospitals and ensure rural residents always have a place to receive care.

Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri - April 4

Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service has been serving the St. Charles, Warren and Lincoln Counties for nearly 40 years. When Flora told me about the JA Care Service, I knew I wanted to build a relationship with this organization and be a part of their mission to support the residents of these counties.

In December, I was given a tour of the facilities by a dedicated member who explained why the Care Service mission is important to her. We shed tears together as shared our own struggles and how the kindness of strangers has helped us through hard times. In that moment, I felt God’s presence and the experience reaffirmed why I choose to serve others.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service has continued with their mission to serve the tri-county area. They can’t do it all alone; they need our help. If you are able to provide any of the items listed, please consider donating. If you don’t want to leave your home, I will pick the items up from your porch. Please share and spread the word!

If you’re interested in learned more about Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service, go to their website here: https://www.jacares.org


Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri - April 23

I am disappointed to learn the Rep. Lovasco attended the rally at Jefferson City this past week to open Missouri before it is safe. These actions go against the recommendations by the CDC and other scientific and medical organizations. I am calling on Rep. Lovasco to be more responsible in his leadership.


Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri - 30 May
Poor black lives matter.
Rich black lives matter.


Young black lives matter.
Old black lives matter.


Urban black lives matter.
And rural black lives matter.


I will fight for them all.


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Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri - 30 May
Yesterday, I was shocked by my opponents response to those rallying behind #GeorgeFloyd on Twitter and his subsequent “explanation.” I was also humbled by the overwhelming response and support of my campaign, not just locally but nationally. I am running so that my daughter does not grow up in a world where this type of dangerous thinking is allowed amongst our elected leaders. He may not resign now, but I plan to have him out in November.

In case you missed it, here’s the story:


Lawmaker says 'looters deserve to be shot' by property owners, sparking fury online


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Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri - 29 May
I am proud to announce that I have received the Gun Sense Candidate designation from Moms Demand Action. It is more important now than ever the we use common sense when approaching matters related to gun control and violence within our communities, including the use of force by police officers and vigilantes who see themselves as being above the law.

Please help me move Missouri toward a brighter - and safer - future by donating here


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Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri - 29 May

We all stand together!

Rasheen Lamont Aldridge
Rally For Black Lives!
100 S Central Ave!
Please Bring A Mask!
Non violence protest. Masks are expected. The organizers won’t allow for any small faction to disrupt the purpose of our organizing to uplift black lives and demanding that enough is enough!

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Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri - 28 May


Privilege is not about how you view yourself, it’s about the world views you.


I come from a small town where my family suffered numerous racist attacks. I know how it feels to be profiled and treated different. How it feels to here the slurs and degradation that comes with black skin. My friends from the city are astounded by the blatant acts of racism that happen in rural areas. I don’t live in that small town anymore.

I’ve fought so hard for my race and I would love to sit here and tell myself “I made it!” out here.


But the truth is that there is still work to be done.

Here in St. Charles County, though not a very diverse area, my skin isn’t so dark. It would be easy for me to be a token out here. This is what I’m told when people meet: I sound like someone from the suburbs of Chicago, not Southern Illinois. My smile makes me look “so nice and sweet.” I look exotic, cultured, worldly. And my hair? Beautiful enough to touch.

(If you don’t understand the implications of these things, I’ll be happy to explain it in the comments).


I know I look “safe.” I know I’ve been invited to tables for the sake of “diversity.” So every time I enter one of those spaces, whether it’s an actual room or conversation, I take off that light comfortability and clothe myself with the pain of #BreonnaTaylor, #GeorgeFloyd, #AhmaudArbery and the thousands of other black men, women and children who have been killed or harmed due to the racism that pervades our society.


I remind myself of all the time racial slurs were spray painted on the bridge on my property,

 of the time my brother and I were needlessly followed around the mall by security until we left,

 of the time a new cop in town had his hand on his gun the whole time he had my brother pulled over

 of the time a cop pulled me over for a headlight out and kept me there for an hour and a half on Christmas Day    because “he knew who I was associated with” (aka my black cousin)

 of the time another cop told my mom she should leave town with black kids.


I prepare myself to walk into a room full of white people and explain the black struggle and how they can help. I prepare myself for the racist or insensitive comments. I prepare myself for the shock because those who invited me didn’t think I was “one of those mixed girls.” Because even though I’m tired of explaining why #BlackLivesMatter, I’m even more tired of us dying. I’m tired of being scared for myself and my family. If you have any kind of privilege, acknowledge it. Use your voice to fight for others. There’s still work that needs to be done.

Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri - 31 May

On Friday, my opponent stated on Twitter that “looters deserve to be shot.” Instead if digging in to the racist narrative that protestors are inherently violent, we need real leaders to stand up and solve the problems that have lead to the protests.


These violent sentiments are unacceptable. As a black resident of his district, I am disgusted that he would make such a hateful statement. I’m ready to get to work in Jefferson City to peacefully work for equality and justice for ALL of our residents. #Baileyfor64 #BrightBlue


Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri - 2 June
“One of Lovasco’s Democratic challengers Aaliyah Bailey wrote that “we’re going to move Missouri toward a brighter future.”

“One where we listen to the voice of people who are struggling rather than threaten to shoot them.’”

Yes  We  Will

District 64 deserves a brighter future and it is possible with help from all of you!

You all have helped me raise $12,113. My next goal is $15,000 by the end of business day on Friday. These funds will go toward postcards to outreach voters throughout District 64. I need your help to turn up the lights in this district. Please donate here

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Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri - 1 June
Join me at the Bryan Road Freedom March at 7pm. The march will start at the Fort Zumwalt West parking lot and march down Bryan Road. I am so inspired by Ryan Staples, who recently graduated from Fort Zumwalt West, who organized this march and I can’t wait to support him tonight.

I will be supplying face masks and water bottles so we can stay safe and hydrated. Please make all attempts to practice social distancing if possible. For those of you who can’t make it out tonight, please continue to stand with us in solidarity. We will win this fight together


I am proud to announce that in three days I have raised over $10,000. To those of you I was unable to speak to personally, thank you so much for your support. I deeply appreciate every dollar that helped me reach my goal.

Now let’s continue to show up! Join me for the Bryan Road Freedom March tomorrow at 7pm. Racial issues spread beyond the city; we have our own challenges right here in St. Charles County. Let’s stand together and bring an end to inequality. The organizer has emphasized that this is a peaceful event and anyone trying to disrupt that will not be tolerated.

If you are interested in volunteering for my campaign, please reach out to me at aaliyahbaileyformissouri@gmail.com. Let’s keep moving forward to a brighter future! #BrightBlue


Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri  7 June

I appreciate all of your donations and I can’t wait to begin sending literature out. If you’re still interested in donating to my campaign, please follow the link here


Thank you so much for those who have shown their support for me and the other wonderful candidates during this hard time. To those of you who are staying home, we still see your support and we need you! It’s important to keep showing up for our communities, but we also need to make sure we show up to the polls on August 4 and November 3. Here is a short list of ways to help from home:

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Missouri Needs Moore - 17 June

Welcome to this week's episode of Wonder Woman Wednesday. Tonight we meet Democratic Candidate for State Representative of the 64th District, Aaliyah Bailey. Aaliyah is currently studying for her Masters in Healcare Administration while working full time as an Integrated Health Specialist. She balances this hectic schedule with running a full-time campaign while parenting her toddler daughter.

Learn more about her and how she is bringing the Black Lives Matter movement to St. Charles County in this video and on her website: https://baileyformissouri.com/

You can learn more about Juneteenth events in St. Louis here:

Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri  27 June


Earlier this month, I attended Indivisible We Will Persist’s candidate forum. Thank you for the opportunity to share my platform and all the work you do to educate the voters. I enjoyed the opportunity to share why I’m running and learning more about the other candidates I’m running with.

Remember to vote for Medicaid expansion and me on August 4!

Learn more about my plan for moving us forward at BaileyforMissouri.com

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Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri   24 June


Make sure to get your ballot for August!


Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri  24 June


Please remember to vote for Medicaid expansion on August 4!