Final Thoughts with Aaliyah Bailey


Thank you so much to everyone who supported Aaliyah Bailey for Missouri. Thank you Don Crozier, Kendra Claire Kelch, Morton Todd and the SCC Central Committee, Betty Shrum and the LC Central Committee, family friends and all the organizations that endorsed my campaign. I want to especially recognize the residents from District 64 who believe in my leadership and message of a brighter future, because without ya'll, there would be no reason to run. Although we did not get the results we hoped for, we ran an amazing campaign and found new ways to serve District 64.

I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to say until I found an essay I wrote in March of 2018. After reading Class Lives: Stories From Across Our Economic Divide, I was to write an essay about the stories that resonated with me. At the time, discussing the stress and financial uncertainties brought on by pregnancy and child rearing was more than relatable, as I was four months pregnant myself. In her story entitled "What They Say About Poor Girls," Stephanie Jones discusses the stereotypes of single moms and the utilization of state assistance.

At the same time that I was reading this story, I was struggling to apply for and receive Medicaid, a process that is much harder and complicated than it should be. No one deserves to worry about how they will receive care, what they will eat or where they will sleep. I am committed to serving my community and working towards a brighter future for all Missourians.

Thank you, but stay tuned. We still have work to do. 

Aaliyah Bailey For Missouri